Wellness Snapshot

ELIA Wellness has researched, developed and made freely available the 7 Dimensions of Wellness Snapshot. This is a whole person wellness questionnaire and report that helps an individual to identify the ‘health’ of their lifestyle habits and circumstances. The snapshot has been developed in conjunction with health and wellness professionals to use within health practice to enhance the understanding of an individual and better prescribe lifestyle medicine.

Harm to Heal Scale

The Harm to Heal™ Scale has been developed to easily translate complex results to an individual. It plots their overall wellness across five stages that indicate whether their current lifestyle habits and circumstances are either harming or healing them. This simple visualisation has become a powerful wellness communication tool.

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7 Scientifically Validated Wellness Instruments

When you complete the full ELIA Wellness Snapshot, not only do you get the Harm to Heal report and 7 Dimensions of Wellness analysis, but also 7 scientifically validated wellness reports. These reports include:


EQ Shortform

Flourishing Scale


Multidimensial Scale of Percieved Social Support


Utrecht Work Engagement Scale

Filter Results Across the 7 Dimensions

Completing the full wellness snapshot questionnaire will qualify an overall wellness position, and individual results within each of the the 7 Dimensions of Wellness.

Emotionally Thriving
Physically Energised
Socially Connected
Vocationally Enriched
Intellectually Engaged
Environmentally Attuned
Spiritually Empowered

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